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Hey there! I’m Justine Sloan (formerly Justine Moore!), and I help women END the war on food & their bodies- so they can look and feel their best, without dieting or deprivation!

I find that most women struggle with finding balance in their lives. It's a constant rollercoaster between eating too much and eating too little, feast and famine, binging and deprivation. We go from binging all weekend, to waking up in a shame-spiral and ordering a juice fast STAT, to caving on the juice fast by Day 2, and so on…

It’s defeating, it’s exhausting, and it’s frustrating as hell.

I spent 2 decades of my life in that hamster wheel- trying literally EVERY diet out there, and STILL not getting the results I wanted.



My story

Growing up I was the “fat kid,” and began experimenting with diets by the age of 8! My lifelong obsession with food and my quest for the “perfect” body is what led me into the fitness industry. 

I became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2008, and a Certified Nutritionist 4 years later.

As a trainer I didn’t want to “sell” people- instead I wanted to be my own billboard, so people would say “I want to train with HER!” So I set a goal and entered my first fitness competition… and didn’t look back.  I ended up doing 19 shows over the course of 4 years, secured an Athlete Endorsement with the supplement brand MET-Rx, won the Overall Bikini Champion title in New York, and competed on the national level… for a salary!!  (This is kind of like winning the LOTTERY for competitors!)

But as time when on my competitive edge got the best of me.  I put winning shows above literally EVERYTHING- my body, my health, my relationships, my personal life, my social life (whatever that was…?!) and my mental wellbeing.

I was burnt out, unhappy, unhealthy… and by 2014 I was downright miserable. It was time for a major change.

I stopped competing, moved back to Milwaukee, and piece by piece, I started finding my happiness again.

In 2017, I brought my career full circle, getting certified as a Health Coach. 

As I became a student again, in my Health Coaching program, and learned more powerful lessons within a few months than I had in 9 years of working in fitness.

I made massive shifts in my habits and in my mindset, and by the end of the year I found myself happily at my “goal weight,” while still living life to the fullest.  (Which for me means dining at my favorite restaurants and drinking craft beers- IPA’s to be specific- on a weekly basis!!)

From this inspired place I created Crunches Then Cocktails. 

Crunches Then Cocktails Justine About Justine

Crunches Then Cocktails Justine About Justine

About Crunches then cocktails

Crunches Then Cocktails is about living in a world where you truly CAN have your cake and eat it too! Personally, cocktails are one of my “non-negotiable’s”… If someone tells me I can fit into my skinny jeans by NEVER drinking alcohol I will say um, NO THANKS… hard pass. I believe we really can have it all, and I am living proof.


As a Health Coach I help my clients make lasting transformations by teaching them healthy, sustainable habits, so they can look and feel great for a LIFETIME… while still enjoying their favorite foods (or cocktails!)

My goal isn’t to teach you how to get ready for summer…My goal is to change your relationship with food and your body for LIFE!


Fun Facts:


Favorite Cocktail

I’m a true Milwaukee girl and love my craft beer! IPA’s are my fave.

I also love champagne, a good Malbec, and margaritas- on the rocks, with salt!

Favorite Music

I am a Michael Jackson superfan!

I also love 90’s music, pop, hip hop and country (love Luke Bryan!)



Cats... but sadly my husband is allergic!

This dude is allergic to hops (beer!) and cats… So if that’s not love, IDK what is…

Favorite Food

I’m a sucker for Mexican food. I also love sushi… oh, and CHEESE.



For comedy its Stepbrothers… drama would be Shawshank Redemption… favorite chick-flicks are Runaway Bride and Dirty Dancing (the greatest motion picture of all time!)


Favorite WORKOUT

Kickboxing! Such a great stress reliever (and anger management haha.) I also love spin classes at CycleBar.