2018: My Journey To Happiness & Healing, Part I

I am by far the happiest I have ever been.  

I say this often- and I don’t say it to brag.  

I say it because I’m proud of how far I’ve come.  

I have earned this happiness.  

I worked for it… and I can appreciate it because not so long ago I was FAR from it.  

Less than 4 years ago I can remember a time where I was literally on my knees, praying, “PLEASE, GOD. HELP ME.  I can’t DO THIS ALONE.”

You’d never know it from the outside looking in, but over the past 4 years I had to disassemble my life piece by piece and put it back together in a way that actually FELT GOOD.

2018… where do I begin?

I married my soul mate.

I launched a new blog & brand.  

I started a women’s entrepreneur group (shout out to Boss Ladies MKE).  

I started doing regular speaking gigs.  

I visited some beautiful destinations.  

I met so many cool people.  

And I drank copious amount of champagne, IPAs, and tequila… having one hell of a good time the whole year through…

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But the most exciting parts of my 2018 are very behind-the-scenes.  

I went on a yearlong journey to do some deep inner healing, to uncover limiting beliefs that have held me back for far too long, and to step into being as happy as I DESERVE to be.

I am the happiest I have ever been in my 31 years on this earth… but you guys, this is NOT by accident. 

I dove in, head first, to do the deeper work, to enable myself to be this happy.

And I did it (and continue to do it) for 3 reasons:

  1. For myself.  Because I finally crowned myself worthy of being truly happy.

  2. For my marriage/ my husband.  I married my soul mate this year, and despite statistics and most examples around me, I believe in love and marriage, and I intend to keep working on myself for the good of our marriage until death do us part.

  3. For my clients & all those I get to serve.  Helping people live their best life brings me SO much joy and fulfillment- but I know I can only take my clients as far as I’m willing to go myself.  Every personal breakthrough enables me to share more with others.

2018 felt like a big ass onion.  I’d peel off one layer, cry a little bit, then find that next layer waiting for me.  

When it comes to your personal growth journey there is no final destination.  We are never “done.”  And while that could sound daunting I think it’s actually quite spectacular.

For me it’s kind of like fitness. (Side note: Hi. I’m Justine, and I relate everything to working out.)

In fitness you’ll never reach that absolute peak, like, “yes, I am a goddess at strength, speed, power, agility, flexibility and endurance.  I’ve conquered all.”

Nah.  When we’re excelling in one area it’s normal to feel we’re lacking somewhere else.  And in personal growth when we have one breakthrough we might open ourselves up to see a handful of other things needing our attention- or needing to be healed, or let go of.

I believe I am a powerful coach and a healer.  I believe my God-given purpose is to show people what is truly possible for them.  To see the potential in others and help them see it too.  To WAKE PEOPLE UP to see how sweet life can really be.

But despite my personal coaching skills and experience, I can’t do this work alone!  

In 2018 I said, “Here I am.  I’m ready to do the deeper work…” and the teachers, mentors, coaches, books, podcasts appeared to help me do it.

Which inspired me to write this blog post… which I decided to split into two parts so this isn’t a novel.

So this is Part I… the intro… and in Part II I’m opening up and sharing all of those resources and teachers with you! 

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