Why I Love CycleBar

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Its no secret I am a huge fan of CycleBar.


I took my first class in March of 2017, when the studio in Mequon opened up… and I have been hooked ever since!

For those of you who don't know, CycleBar is like the Dom Perignon of spin classes. 

High energy workouts, awesome instructors, a gorgeous cycling theatre, and music and lighting that takes spin class to a whole next level.

When I work with clients, one of the main points I try to get across is figuring out how to make movement and workouts something you actually enjoy.  When we enjoy something, it can naturally become a habit- just something we do.  

And when we enjoy our workouts, they become something we actually WANT to do, something we look forward to- rather than feeling like a chore, or something we dread doing.

I strongly suggest trying out all different types of workouts and classes and finding something you actually like.  


There are SO many options out there- so keep looking til you land on something you love.


Here is why I love CycleBar so much…


1. Like therapy, but way better.  For real, when I am in that cycle studio its like a spiritual cleansing and awakening in addition to the workout.  The lights, the music, the energy in the room, and the words from the coaches always put me in the best mood, and give me so much mental clairty.  I’ve had some major “epiphanies” and “a-ha” moments on those bikes.  Maybe its just the endorphins and great music, but no matter how bad of a mood I might be in when I come to class, I always leave a changed woman.


2. I love having someone ELSE push me through a workout.  I started as personal trainer in 2008… clearly I know what to do.  But that doesn’t mean I will push myself to the same extent someone else can.  When I have to workout alone- especially cardio- it feels like a chore.  Working out in a high-energy class feels like a treat… like something I GET to do, versus something I have to do.  I love that, and its one of the main reasons I keep coming back.


3. Major calorie burner.  I don’t always wear one- but sometimes I’ll wear a heart rate monitor to track the exact calorie burn of a workout.  When I was wearing it to CycleBar classes I was shocked to find that I actually burned more calories in class, or a BIKE, than any other cardio workout I was doing at the time!  Also I noticed right away that I would get super hungry the rest of the day after taking a class- a sure sign my metabolism was REVVED up!  Score!


4. My husband actually loves it too.  Scott was not into fitness when we met… and ladies, if your significant other isn’t into it either, don’t give up hope.  I’d invite him to join me in different types of workouts, and finally he agreed to take a CycleBar class with me- and loved it!   (He especially likes it because he can actually beat me, but hey, whatever works, I don’t have too much pride…)  We go to classes together, and work out as a couple 2 times a week now, and I love that.


5. Bomb playlists.  I’m such a music person, so of course I have to include this on my list.  You’ll hear everything from country to rock, 90s hip hop to mash-ups of Top 40 hits… Michael Jackson to AC/DC to Hall And Oates to Hootie and the Blowfish.  There really is something for everyone- and it keeps it from ever feeling dull.