Multi-Task While Hitting Those Steps!


They say sitting is the new smoking.  I mean, maybe it’s not THAT bad, but let’s be honest… most of us don’t move as much as we should throughout the day.

I know most of my day involves sitting in front of a laptop, driving, or sitting on the phone for meetings and client calls.

In recent years, getting 10,000 steps a day in has become like, THE thing to do…

And for good reason!

Science shows that getting active with 10,000 steps a day leads to a healthier heart, a sharper brain, a faster metabolism, and more stable blood sugar (which equals fat loss AND preventing disease!)

I am a bit obsessed with hitting my steps everyday.  I will literally pace around our little downtown apartment at night if I haven’t hit them yet (one of many weirdo-habits of mine that my husband has gotten used to!)

I love my FitBit Flex and the pretty rose gold bracelet that I wear it in.  I literally wear it everyday and people don’t realize its my tracking device- I even wore it during our engagement photo shoot (shown below).... it’s that cute. (Side note... this one is also a STEAL compared to the $99 version that first came out!)

rosegold bracelet engagement photos



Buuuuut, if you’re like me, you have 10,000 other things on your plate every day BESIDES worrying about steps.  I mean, we are all pretty damn busy these days.

But have no fear… you can get those steps in AND check things off your daily to-do list.  Here are some of my favorite ways to multi-task like a boss...

Here are a few other ways you can walk the walk and talk the talk (literally, at the same time):

  1. Schedule a walking meeting: What’s a walking meeting, you ask? This is a great way to trick your coworkers and friends into moving with you.  Encourage taking a meeting outside and walking around the block or downtown to get the blood flowing and wake up your metabolism.

  2. Take, or make phone calls: If you work from home, like I do, you may need to take a lot of calls during the day. Throw those headphones in and take calls from the sidewalk. Most times, your caller may not even know you’re walking, and the creative ideas will start flowing when you’re not sedentary in your office.

  3. Use this as “you” time: Even if you’re on that lady boss grind, stepping away for a few minutes is crucial to your productivity. Meditating, listening to podcasts or an audio book during a walk any time of day can help boost ideas and leave you feeling great to tackle the rest of the day.

  4. Knock off the tedious stuff: When I was wedding planning I needed to make appointments with vendors, friends and family, for alterations- which can get overwhelming- but could all be done during a walk. And don’t even get me started on regular doctor appointments, hair, nails, facials, waxing… and the occasional massage appointment (treat yoself, right?!)- yup, all of these things can be done on your walk. Even at once a week, a 20 minute walk can lead to a few thousand steps plus knocking out all the appointments you need to make.

Try one of these methods next week and let me know your favorite on my latest Instagram post!  Oh, and, it totally counts if you’re just trying to get those steps in. ;-)

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