Crunches Then Cocktails... the Inspo Behind the Brand!

The day is here!! Today I officially launch my new brand, Crunches Then Cocktails. 🎉

It’s still me... though I wouldn’t say “same old me,” because I’m not. I’ve grown. I’ve evolved. This is Justine version 2.0. 

When I launched JustineFit in 2012, I was in a very different place in my life. I appreciate all that I was then- because it was part of my journey, and brought me to where I am today.

I found my calling as a Health Coach, and I’ve started to take on more meaningful work that isn’t focused on what’s in the mirror; but ultimately creating a sustainable life from the inside out (which can also be seen in the mirror ☺️😉).

Back then I was a bikini competitor & fitness model, personal trainer and nutrition specialist... or quite literally, a PRO DIETER.

Because diets DO work... ‘til they DON’T.

I can write a meal plan like nobody’s business and, if followed, you’ll lose fat.
Until the day comes where you DON’T feel like following the plan. (And let’s be honest, that’s like... what... Day 2? IF you have “willpower”...? 😜)

But then what happens? You “fall off the wagon.” You view yourself as a quitter, a failure. And why? Because you had a brownie? Really?! 

Like I said, diets work, until they don’t... because no one wants to live like that forever. There HAS to be a more sustainable... more FUN approach...

And guess what? There is. ✨🙌🏻

Meet: Crunches Then Cocktails. My new baby.

I’ve learned so much, and these days I easily maintain my ideal size while still enjoying life to the fullest!!! Yes, BOTH. Having my cake and eating it too! It is SO very possible! 🍰

It’s all about being empowered with nutrition knowledge, and establishing an intuitive eating approach, so you can create TRUE balance in your life.

So what’s this about cocktails??? 

Well, with my clients we talk a lot about what I call your "non-negotiables"....

My clients might come to me and say, “I’ll do whatever, but don’t take away my ______!!” (Ex. Friday night pizza, morning latte, glass of red wine at night, afternoon chocolate, Sunday brunch, etc...) 

And I say, “Done. I don’t WANT to take that from you. Food is an enjoyable part of life... and I want you to have that, and enjoy the heck out of it!  Now where can we make simple adjustments and easy upgrades to still get you to your goal... without any sacrifice, dieting or deprivation?”

I have a lot of non-negotiables myself, and for me that includes cocktails! 

I love my champagne, my margaritas and my craft beer (yes, beer... I’m a Milwaukee girl at heart, and LOVE hoppy IPAs.) 

I used to think I had to choose between looking and feeling fit, or my favorite food, my drinks + my social life. Until I learned a better way. A beautiful, balanced way of life.

This is Crunches Then Cocktails.

I want you to have the best life ever, the life you deserve, because it IS all possible- once we cut the BS, stop limiting ourselves, stop settling for less and create happy, healthy, fabulous balance. 

Want MORE of this fit + fun lifestyle? 

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This brand and this blog truly comes from my heart and soul.  I spent 2 decades in the hamster wheel of diet culture, deprivation, and hating my body.  No woman- or man- should feel that way. I'm here to empower you to live your best life, to learn to LOVE yourself more, to develop a positive relationship with your body, to create food freedom... and to have one HELL of a GOOD TIME DOING IT!!