Why I Love Pure Barre

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Okay you guys, when I’m wrong, I can admit I’m wrong.

Let me start by telling you I was basically the #1 disbeliever when it came to barre fitness classes.

I had tried just about every other type of workout in my 11 years as a workout enthusiast... except for barre. 

I actually used to say (and I quote, because my best friend just reminded me of this) “barre is a workout for girls who don’t want to eat.” 

I know... shameful... but I believed it wasn’t much of a workout at all. I was convinced that I needed to be killing my body with running, jumping, heavy weights or something else “high impact” and aggressive. 

I stereotyped it because from the outside it doesn’t LOOK hard.

Then I tried it...

I took my first class at Pure Barre Whitefish Bay at the end of March, and here I am, a changed woman.

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Why do I love Pure Barre so much? Let me count the ways... 

  1. No workout has ever changed my body faster. My core has gotten SO much stronger, my tummy is way flatter, my whole body is more toned, and I actually walk out of class feeling tighter all over.


  2. Its oh-so-humbling, in the best way. Listen, I scoffed at the 2 and 3 pound dumbbells at first too... but trust me, try one class and you’ll see what I mean.


  3. Increased flexibility. This has never been my strong point. Seriously, as an overweight elementary school kid, I used to fail the sit-and-reach test, every year. In class we do stretches between exercises and it’s awesome. I never thought I could enjoy stretching... but I do now! Plus, my body is so happy!


  4. It’s a killer workout- but it’s gentle on your body & joints. I always believed you had to kill your body for it to be a good workout, but at 31 with a lot of wear-and-tear from training, my hips & shoulders were screaming to take it down a notch. In Pure Barre classes I can exhaust every muscle in my body, walk out literally shaking, and still feel GREAT the next day- versus feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck. Winning.

  5. A welcoming community & positive vibes. I love working out in a group setting- but not all group settings are inviting. Showing up to a fitness class with a mirrored room full of women, in an affluent neighborhood, I did NOT expect everyone to be so... nice. But you instantly feel comfortable here- the instructors all know you by name right away, and whether it’s your 1st class or 100th class, it feels like, “We’re all in this together!!” After the instructors are particularly brutal we just look at each other like, “Sheesh! Glad THAT'S over!” And share a laugh.

Okay are you convinced?  Whether your answer is yes OR no, come check it out.

Just trust me. I know a thing or two about this workout stuff, mmk?                    

I can tell you all the benefits but at the end of the day you just have to TRY IT.  And I have an awesome deal for you to do so...

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Let me know when you’re going- I’d love to give you a high five after your first class & see what you think!  See you at the barre... ;-) 

P.S. If you have any issues with or questions about the promo code, you can reach out to whitefishbay@purebarre.com

pure barre whitefish bay wisconsin milwaukee fitness workout class group exercise