Meal Prep Hacks!

When it comes to looking and feeling your best, you can work out all you want (and really, who has time for hours on end on the treadmill?) but what you eat will still be the number one factor in terms of your results.

One of the most common questions + biggest struggles I hear from you guys is about meal prepping.  How to do it, what to focus on, where to keep the food, how to make it easier? Let’s break it down today...

3 Meal Prep Myths:

  1. It will take too long. I believe the very opposite. If you really think about it, making your own lunch or waiting for lunch to be made for you will take about 20 minutes per meal. If you eat 3 meals a day, that’s 7 hours a week you’re making or waiting for your meal to be made for you. The average time it takes to prep the basics for your meal in one day at one time is about 2-3 hours. That’s 40% less time you’re spending per week!

  2. You’ll get sick of the same thing everyday. Here’s where your creative and balanced lifestyle will come in. By making veggies and protein in bulk, you can ultimately use any sauce/ toppings you want, when it’s time to eat!

  3. It’s not as good when it’s reheated. Especially since it’s summer, grilling protein first will hold in flavor for when it’s reheated. Try different marinades and you’ll find what works, I promise!

5 Time-Saving Meal Prep Hacks

  1. Plan out the week. Look at what social activities you have planned, work lunches, etc, and plan out how many meals you are eating at home or need to bring with you.

  2. Change up what you make each week. While #2 in our myths is a myth, it’s also possible to get sick of certain foods. If you’re making chicken for most meals one week, switch it up to turkey, bison, shrimp, grass fed beef or fish the next. This will help you get the minerals and vitamins you need from different foods as well.

  3. Prep each food differently. Back to our chicken example, if you take 2-3 days at a time to prep the chicken in different ways, that will help a lot with variation. Grill asparagus and chicken meanwhile poaching the remainder of the chicken and hard boiling eggs and you’re set!

  4. Invest in stackable containers. These are my favorite to use. They are glass, reusable, easy-to-wash and stack perfectly in the fridge. When things look organized, you’ll be more inspired to use them!

  5. Make meal prep a relaxing and fun time for yourself.  Put on music, a favorite podcast, or an audiobook.  Pour a glass of red wine, or a relaxing cup of tea.  Light some candles, and put on your coziest sweat pants.  With any task I’m dreading, I always ask myself: “How can I make this more FUN?” By creating a positive experience, you’ll look forward to it every week and feel better in the long run!

Have you meal-prepped before? What of these tips do you think would benefit you the most?