My Morning Routine

To me, mornings are sacred.  They set the tone for our entire day.

I believe every day we have the choice to either RUN THE DAY, or let the day run US.

Mornings are the time when we can set our intention, and set aside a little time to take care of ourselves, and “fill our own cup up” first- so we can give more in every area of our lives.

I suggest creating a morning routine that feeds your soul, charges your batteries and gets you centered before the day gets hectic.

Here is my morning routine…


Technology Can Wait!!

Resist the urge to look at or respond to texts, emails or social media.  It can wait… seriously!  If the first thing we read happens to be negative our mood- and entire day- can spiral and go south.  Carve out (at least!!) 30 minutes to yourself in the morning to do your thing before you “plug in.” 


Brush my teeth.  

Its an Ayurvedic belief that you should cleanse the mouth first thing upon waking.  Basically cleaning out any bacteria that cropped up overnight BEFORE drinking any water.  That makes a lot of sense to me!  Now I can’t live any other way!



Within an hour of waking I drink about 3-4 glasses (or a liter) of water with fresh lemon squeezed in.  Water is SO important for a healthy metabolism, energy levels, strength, healthy skin, digestion of food and the ability to absorb nutrients.  It also helps flush out nasty toxins & junk from your body.  Fresh lemon juice contains digestive enzymes and antioxidants, and helps balance the pH of your body.  Winning!

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…But First Coffee.

Next I brew my Bulletproof coffee in a French press.  My favorite blend is The Mentalist Dark Roast and I use a French press to brew it.  

Once my coffee is ready, I add a little slab of Kerrygold grass fed butter (be sure to get the salt free kind!) + 1 tsp MCT oil + liquid vanilla stevia drops to my coffee and blend it.  That’s right, blend it!  Blending this combination makes it frothy and fantastic- like a latte!  

Why the fats in my coffee??  Glad you asked.  Since there is no protein to digest and no carbohydrates to spike blood sugar, this keeps the body in a “fasted state”- but the healthy fats feed your brain, so it’s not stressful on the body like a true fast can be.  This allows me to keep my insulin levels down so I can burn more fat in the morning- especially if I’m working out!

coffee bulletproof healthy fats intermittent fasting justine moore sloan crunches then cocktails


An Attitude Of Gratitude.

Once my coffee is ready to sip & savor, I write in my journal.  I write down at least 3 things I’m grateful for every day (usually more).  Also, if I have a lot on my mind I’ll do a “brain dump” and just journal it all out.  I believe its better to get things out on paper rather than letting them run wild in my brain.


Workout time!

Working out wakes me up, gives me SO much clarity, gets feel-good endorphins pumping, and sets the tone for an awesome day.  After I’ve worked out in the morning I’m naturally inclined to nourish my body with healthy, high-vibe foods too.  Its like a domino effect for healthy choices.

These days I prefer to work out in a class setting… I just can’t push myself on my own, plus, I kind of loathe it if I have to workout alone.  I love the energy of a class setting, and I choose workouts that I actually LOVE doing… which makes it feel like something I GET to do, not something I have to do.  (Gamechanger!!)  My favorite workouts are CycleBar and Pure Barre.


Post-Workout Smoothie

Sometimes I’ll have eggs or avocado toast, but most days I opt for a super nourishing smoothie as my first real meal.  (Because apparently coffee is NOT a meal…?! I kid.)  

My smoothie always contains protein, healthy fat, lots of fiber and fresh greens!  I use a plant based protein powder, frozen vegetables like zucchini or cauliflower (you can’t taste them and since they’re frozen it gives my shake that amazing, thick, milkshake-like texture!), frozen berries (usually blueberries!), avocado (again- for texture!), a couple giant handfuls of fresh spinach, and chia seeds or acacia fiber powder.  I’m obsessed with fiber, you guys… see WHY in this post.  Then I top my shakes with cocoa nibs, more chia seeds, almond butter, and Himalayan sea salt.  (Because I'm all about that sweet ’n’ salty thing- YUM!)

A shake like this usually keeps me feel & energized for hours- right up ’til lunchtime!!  It’s the easiest way to do fuel my body right, early on in the day.

avocado smoothie green drink protein shake healthy eating crunches then cocktails justine moore sloan

Establishing a morning routine has been such a game changer for me.  It feels amazing to start each day taking care of myself- mind, body & soul.  It sets the tone for the rest of my day, and starts my morning off with good vibes.  I mean, coffee always equals good vibes… Am I right?!

Create a morning routine that feels sacred and special to YOU, and then honor it.  I promise you’ll be able to give so much more to everyone and everything in your life if you make yourself a priority first.