The Power In Your Pen… All About Journaling!

How many of you had one of those diaries as a kid with the tiny, not-so-secure lock on it?  (Raising my hand and laughing…)

I was all about my “Dear Diary” as a kid, but it wasn’t until this past year that I realized how much POWER lies in journaling.  How therapeutic it can be!  And how many different ways you can use your journal to heal old wounds, clear your mind, manifest goals into a reality, and shift your mood and perspective- anytime, anywhere.

I encourage all of my 1:1 clients and all students in my Battle To Balance course to start using a journal from Day 1.

Here are some of my favorite ways to journal… and why they are so powerful.

justine moore sloan crunches then cocktails all about journaling gratitude

1. Gratitude Journal. 

I write down 3 or more (usually more!) things that I’m grateful for almost every morning before I start my day. 

Gratitude is the quickest way to attract more good into our lives- and it trains us to look for MORE good things around us!

And it actually has a significant physical effect on our brain and our health...

When we're experiencing gratitude our brain is flooded with positive chemicals, AND it stimulates the reward part of the brain, making us want to feel this feeling again.  It is also shown to help us sleep better and handling stress & anxiety better.  PLUS, it just feels good!!

No matter how bad of a mood you may be in, shifting to a place where you feel truly grateful- even for the smallest things- is such a fast, awesome way to feel BETTER.

A daily practice of being grateful is so simple, but its also one of the most powerful ways to be happier & healthier every single day.  As I mentioned, I do this in the morning when I'm having my coffee, but it also works well at night, reflecting on your day and what you felt thankful for that day.

2. Brain Dump. 

I learned a lot about “brain dumps” from my health coaching education.  A brain dump is literally dumping everything floating around in your head out onto paper. 

I like to do this when I am feeling negative emotions- especially if I’m not sure WHERE the negativity is coming from.  

You know those days when you feel like you “woke up on the wrong side of the bed”??  Perfect time for a brain dump.  

Or when you know you’re being extra sensitive to small things… a.k.a. “sweating the small stuff”?  Yup.  Brain dump it!

My clients and I joke around by quoting Mean Girls with: “You let it out honey.  Put it in the book.” ;-)

burn book you let it out honey put it in the book mean girls

But hey, jokes aside, it’s so real!  It works!

Putting your negative thoughts onto paper does multiple things for us to release them…

FIRST, these negative thoughts change residency when we write them down.  They are no longer floating around it our heads, taunting us… now they are out there in the open, on paper, where we can look at them objectively and realize we are SO much more than our thoughts! 

SECOND, how do we get rid of something dark?  By shining light on it.  Letting our deepest fears and limiting beliefs see the light of day really does something powerful.  It makes it less shameful once its out of our minds and onto paper.  A brain dump is a truly healing, therapeutic practice and if you don’t believe me, try it for yourself the next time you’re feeling weighed down by negativity, or caught up in fear and anxiety.

3. Goal Manifesting. 

I’m about to go all “woo woo” on you (you’ve been warned) but I truly believe I’ve manifested a lot of the amazing things I have in my life.  And I did so by already believing it was mine, and holding tight to the belief that it would happen for me.

I like to use my journal for writing down my goals and dreams in the PRESENT TENSE.  

To give you a personal example of something I’m trying to manifest right now… lately I’ve been writing: “I am regular & frequent featured guest on the local news, to deliver my message to a larger audience.  

I write it in the present and then I feel all the feelings I would- and WILL- be feeling once this is my reality.  When we feel the feelings of already having that dream, the positivity and gratitude is a powerful force to actually attract it into our lives.  The FEELING part is an important part of making it a reality… because when we believe it can and will be ours, we operate from this belief all day, every day.

These are 3 of my favorite ways to journal… but get creative!  It’s important to note there is no ONE RIGHT WAY to journal!  It’s all about YOU, and what feels good and authentic to you.  So play around with these and develop your own personal practice of journaling…

Then let me know what works best for you!  I’d love to hear how YOU use your journal!