Thinking outside the box: Learn To Love Your Workouts

Let me start off by saying, this is a concept I am fairly new to, that has made a MASSIVE difference in my life.

For so many years, I went through the motions of hitting the gym because I felt like I HAD to go, and not actually enjoying it.

But the truth is, the less stress and more love you put into your healthy habits the more natural it becomes, and the more sustainable your results will be!  

These days I’m open to listening to what my body needs and what actually FEELS best… rather than forcing myself to do anything.  When you enjoy something you gravitate toward doing more of it, naturally, which is where we all want to be with health and fitness; where it’s very natural, almost effortless… versus an ongoing battle against our excuses NOT to do it.

Justine Moore

To be honest, I love working out and challenging my muscles with strength training... it’s why I became a trainer in the first place!  But after years of the same old workouts I realized I was bored, unmotivated and needed a change.

If you follow me you know how much I adore Pure barre and Cyclebar classes because they don’t even feel like workouts to me!  I truly enjoy every aspect of these classes, and they keep me coming back feeling EXCITED to challenge my body!

So, how do we get you there? How do we make moving your body something you actually WANT to to do, versus something you feel like you HAVE to do?

Let’s step out of the box

  1. Find something you love.  Get out there and try something new!  There is no way I would have been into barre a few years ago and now I can’t get enough of it. Be patient and really be open to trying new things.  You’ll be surprised what sneaks into your heart. ;-)

  2. There is no ONE RIGHT WAY to move your body!  Welcome to 2018… a time with more choices than ever before when it comes to moving your body.  Options are seriously endless- from boutique fitness studios, old school gyms, streaming your workouts, or taking your fitness routine outdoors.  Love to dance? Add it into your routine! Need to release some stress & aggression? Try boxing or kickboxing! Love being near the water? Try paddle boarding, or do some yoga on the beach!  Make a list of all of the ways you LOVE moving your body and go from there.

  3. Make it work for your lifestyle.  The only way to truly change where you are now is to take baby steps.  If you work 10-12 hour days then promising yourself you’ll hit the gym 5-6x a week is just not realistic.  If you are just NOT a morning person then that 6am class is probably not for you. Get really honest about where you’re currently at and find a routine that fits into the life you’re currently living.  The rest will fall into place!

  4. Invest in yourself.  Again, it’s important to take an honest, judgement free look at your current lifestyle and where you want to go.  Are your daily habits reflecting your goals when it comes to the body and health you desire? Are there some simple upgrades you you can start to work into your life?  Do you need some accountability to get workouts in or make healthy food choices? What really motivates you? And if you need a little support, I’d love to help you out with my free guide to a Happy, Healthy Metabolism or my Battle to Balance program!

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 11.59.51 AM.png

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to live your life the way you want to- in a way that really, truly FEELS GOOD.  I promise your body will follow along and thank you for it. It is 100% up to you to create that lifestyle.

Be kind to yourself and your body, and get honest and realistic about your goals and you’ll be looking in no time, smiling about how far you’ve come. :-)