Hangover Cures From An "Expert"... Yours Truly!

Since this is Crunches Then Cocktails, it’s only fitting I do a blog post on hangover cures.

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And listen, I didn’t WANT to do this research… but I love you guys and decided to take one for the team.  And by “one” I mean way too many nights of being “over served.”  Again, for research purposes, of course.

(Side note: “over served” is a family term we use to remain blameless in our shenanigans.  Feel free to use it.)

Booze can be great for loosening up, making jokes funnier, problems smaller and dance moves better.  But let’s be honest, sometimes it can leave us feeling like legit death warmed over.

So what’s a busy babe to do when struck with a wicked hangover?

Here are my top cures, tips and tricks to help you feel like yourself again so you can do All The Things once again.

  1. A Bloody Mary or “hair of the dog.”  Okay, this one only works if you don’t have an important agenda for the day.  But if you’re on vacation or have the day off, this works beautifully.  The high salt content helps you retain water which is a good thing because hangovers are largely due to dehydration.  The vegetable juice also helps soak up the alcohol molecules chilling in your body.  And the vodka helps you get a little buzz back, which can provide relief from a headache.  

  2. Activated Charcoal.  I’m not positive if this actually works or not, but I have friends who swear by it, and whether its just a placebo effect or not, I feel a huge difference when I take it.  Ideally you want to take it before, during and after a big night of partying- but if you forget until you’re struck with a hangover you can take it in the morning and should feel some relief within 30-60 minutes.  Activated charcoal binds with toxins and drags them out.  Thank you, friend!!  Caution: because charcoal binds with nutrients, it’s best to take it at least an hour before or after any other supplements or medications. This is the kind I use.

  3. Vitamin B-Complex.  Alcohol depletes B vitamins in your body so this can be helpful to restore balance and energy.  This is another helpful one to add in BEFORE drinking, if you remember.  (I know I don’t most of the time.) Here is my favorite B-Complex.

  4. Take a shower… Bonus points for a hot-cold shower.  Nothing cleanses me of my late-night sins like a nice hot, redeeming shower.  If you’re feeling brave try turning the water all the way cold at the end and let it hit your forehead and chest.  This is great for increasing alertness and waking you up.  (You don’t say… haha.)

  5. Sweat it out.  I know what you’re thinking: “Spare me, Justine!”  But if it’s a mild hangover sweating it out is the ONLY thing that makes me feel totally normal again.  CycleBar after too many adult beverages might sound like medieval torture, but I swear it works like a charm.  If you’re really suffering obviously this one won’t be an option- but keep this in mind for busy days when you need to feel like your fabulous self again ASAP.

  6. A walk + fresh air.  If a sweaty workout seems too unbearable get some fresh air and a little movement.  Even a 10 minute walk can be a great pick-me-up to help you feel less foggy and more “normal” fast.

  7. Water, water, and more water!!! I don’t need to go into great detail on this one.  Water is life, y’all.  And it will bring you back to life faster than any other remedy. 

  8. Seltzer.  The bubbles help settle an upset stomach.  I get this seltzer with lemon and ginger from Trader Joe’s, which is especially magical since ginger calms an upset tummy as well.

  9. An IV Drip.  If you are really, truly dying you might want to give this a try.  If you’re local to the Milwaukee area go see my friend Dr. Alia Fox and her incredible team at h20 Hydration Oasis, and kick your hangover with luxury and style.  

I hope these tips have you feeling like your most badass self again ASAP.  You’re welcome for doing this extensive research… what can I say, it’s my cross to bear. ;-)

Have a tip you swear by that’s not on my list?! Sharing is caring, friend- hit me up or comment below!! Lord knows, I’ll need it again someday soon.

*Note: Please drink responsibly, friends.  I kid a lot in this blog post- but drinking is no joke.  Always be safe, know your surroundings and who you’re with, and never ever drink and drive.  In the age of Uber there are no excuses!!