Unconventional TIP For Effortless Weight Loss

Unconventional TIP For Effortless Weight Loss... 👇👇💖✨

(And I know that sounds like a loaded intro, but hear me out!! 😉)

It’s a common misconception that losing some amount of weight will make you feel happier.

What if I told you it works the other way around?

My best tip for improving your health/ body composition is to find ways to FEEL good more often.

WHY is this so important??

TWO big reasons:

1️⃣ When we FEEL good, (happy, joyful, grateful) our stress levels drop, and the body releases less cortisol (cortisol = the stress hormone, which is a fat-storing hormone.) 
Negative emotions can manifest as weight gain and disease in the body. Even look at the word disease = dis-EASE. 
When you experience more positive emotions day to day, it changes your body on a cellular level.

2️⃣ When we feel fulfilled and satisfied in every area of our lives, the urge to engage in emotional eating, stress eating, and binge eating goes down DRASTICALLY. 
When my clients are struggling with emotional eating or binging, it’s never really about the food. 
They are seeking something else- and trying to fill an emotional void with food (and food never actually does the trick, right?) 
So we find out how to *effectively* fill that void, and POOF- emotional eating patterns often disappear. 🙏

When I work with clients, we do not get fixated on weight loss. 
There’s no dieting, no tracking, no numbers, no scale. I believe all of those things actually do more harm than good. 🚫

Instead I help my clients create balance and joy in every area of their lives- as well as healing, reducing stress, and releasing whatever is not serving them.

We are essentially releasing energetic weight- which results in physical changes.

Weight loss, more energy, and better health is the BYPRODUCT of feeling good. 
It is truly amazing to watch! (And 1 of the 33,199 reasons I love my job! 💖🤗)

Every day focus on feeling good first, and watch that magic that unfolds when you change your health & body from the inside out. ✨🙌

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