When The Grass Is NOT Greener...

Question: “Do you ever miss being that lean?” 👇

Answer: No. Honestly. Not one bit.

I don’t miss being #728 at a show, lining up to have a panel of predominantly old men judge my body.

I don’t miss being admired/ valued for my physical appearance only.

I don’t miss having ALL of my energy each day dedicated to the goal of being lean.

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I was talking to my husband about this last night, how sometimes people say things like, “You look great now, but WOW-“ (Referring to pics from my competition/ fitness modeling days.)

And I get it. I too can appreciate the amount of discipline that went into getting my body to that state.

But I also know the absolute misery behind it all. I was painfully insecure, and no matter how lean I got I never felt like I was good enough.

Even on the day of a show, I STILL did not feel confident or sexy in my own skin. I was still finding flaws, and obsessing over how I could be better.

Now I feel confident, sexy, and “ENOUGH,” even on my worst days- when my hair is a mess, I’m breaking out, no makeup on, forgot to shave my legs and have massive bloat from PMS (or too much fun over the weekend!) YUP. 
Even then, I feel good enough. 👑

So I don’t take offense to comments about how amazing I looked “THEN,” because I know I love my body (and myself) soooo much more now.

This is my personal proof that weight, or your physical body, doesn’t actually determine your body confidence AT ALL! 

I am WAY more confident in my body now. I love & appreciate it every day- cellulite, stretch marks, and all. 🙋🏻‍♀️

MOST importantly, I see my body as a beautiful vessel for my soul. 

I appreciate it because this physical body of mine allows me to do my life’s work. 

To serve my TRUE purpose. (Which I now realize has nothing to do with how I look!)

No one can take that away from me. 
When I stand in my purpose, unapologetically loving myself- I am untouchable, & unstoppable.
And that’s f*cking powerful.

THAT is true confidence.

And guess what? It is available to you too. ✨

It starts with deciding to crown yourself worthy AS YOU ARE, then STANDING in that worth.

Know who you are.

Self-worth comes from understanding you are SO MUCH MORE THAN A BODY!