Balanced Body Travel Tips

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I spent last week at a conference in Dallas, I'm heading to Phoenix on Monday for Thanksgiving, followed by trips to Charlotte and New Orleans next month… so staying healthy & fit while jetting around the country is definitely on my mind right now!

I get asked often: How do I stay on track with health goals while traveling?

Here are a few of my favorite travel tips that will let you ENJOY your vacay without destroying your healthy routine!

1. Pack Healthy Snacks.

The last thing you want is to be stranded in an airport or on a plane feeling famished, with no healthy options.  I usually pack raw almonds, raw cashews, and  low-sugar protein bars (my go-to bars are Bulletproof Collagen Bars, Quest Bars and the Primal Kitchen Collagen Bars).  

I also keep a shaker cup handy, with a scoop of my favorite protein powder already in it... so all I need to do to make a shake on-the-go is add water, or better yet, an iced almond milk latte from a coffee shop to make a creamy, protein-packed latte in a pinch!)


2. Get A Workout In AND Explore The City!

Walking, jogging, hiking or taking a class at a local studio is an awesome way to explore a new place.  Scope out the best trails or classes ahead of time and schedule them into your trip.  

I'm also obsessed with using my FitBit to hit my 10K steps (or more) per day while traveling.  When I'm on vacation I like to let loose and eat what I want for the most part, so getting plenty of movement in during the day helps me feel like I'm balancing it out.


3. Stay Hydrated. 

I find it is really easy to get dehydrated while traveling.  Aim to drink MORE water than usual, so you can flush out excess sodium from eating out, and water retention from flying.  (Oh, and bring cocktails into the picture and... game over.)  I recommend bringing a water bottle with you so you can drink up as much as possible.  Also when I'm traveling I'll add 10-20 chlorophyll drops into my water once or twice a day, to avoid hangovers and keep my energy up.


4. Do-Anywhere Workouts! 

No hotel gym? No problem.  This past week when I was in Dallas I used a free Timer App on my phone and a small space (no equipment!) to get a killer full body workout in. I set the timer for intervals of 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off… then did a series of squats, lunges, push ups, planks, burpees, jumping jacks & core exercises to get an awesome HIIT workout done in less than 30 minutes. Tip: write out 8-10 exercises to go through, then run through the entire list 3 times (for 3 “circuits”). Or even 2, if you're crunched for time. Every little bit counts, right?!


5. Boost Your Immune System.

We are more susceptible to getting sick when we are traveling.  To give my immune system a boost I sip on MRM Immune Sport drink daily during trips... especially the days I'm on an airplane.  It comes in single serving packets so its super convenient to pour it into a water bottle when you're on-the-go.  Its chockfull of vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system (Hint: these are like Emergen-C without the nasty, harmful artificial sweeteners… sucralose = yuck!)


6. Pick & Choose When To Indulge. 

Okay, so what’s a vacation without a getting to sample some of the local flavor??  I’m a foodie, so I’m all for enjoying yourself- but with a bit of moderation, so you don’t come back from a trip feeling rotten about yourself and in desperate need of a “detox” or “cleanse.” 

I personally don't feel right if I don't eat some greens every single day- preferably a giant leafy green salad, or a smoothie with TONS of fresh spinach.  IDK why, I just feel like I'll shrivel up and die without my greens... just me?? Anyone else?!! 

But really, greens will give you fiber (very important for regularity, and I find that my fiber intake goes WAY down when on vacation = bloated belly), plus vitamins and minerals.  Oh, AND greens help stabilize your hunger hormones- so when you DO indulge, you don't go completely bananas. 

Picking and choosing means if you're having cocktails, maybe skip the dessert menu.

Want gelato in the afternoon? Maybe keep the wine to just one glass that evening.

Ordering the cheeseburger? Maybe get a side salad instead of fries... or have your fries, but do a lettuce wrap instead of a bun. 

Fried chicken & waffles for brunch? (AND bottomless mimosas, let's be honest...) maybe choose salmon, tuna or grilled chicken over a green salad or with steamed veggies for dinner that night.  

Balance. Sometimes we eat cupcakes, sometimes we eat kale. ALLLLL about balance!

Oh, and portion control, of course. 

Enjoy every bite but listen to your body and stop when you’re full, so you feel satisfied... not uncomfortably stuffed!!

Have a great trip for how YOU maintain balance while traveling? Please share below!!