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21-Day KickstarT GrouP Program

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What it is

Over the course of 3 weeks we will be working together in a group setting to up-level your habits so you can increase your energy, burn more fat naturally, balance your hormones and boost your overall sense of health & wellbeing. This is not a diet. This isn't about sacrifice or deprivation… it’s about sustainability. This program is a realistic, flexible approach to eating right so you can get the results you want, while still loving your life. You will learn simple, practical tips to fit into YOUR unique lifestyle, for amazing results that actually LAST!

What women are saying:

“I feel confident that I have all the tools I need to live a healthy, sustainable and most importantly FUN life!”

“Thank you so much for turning my old beliefs and stubborn mindset upside down!”

“I feel ARMED. I feel empowered with the tools I need in any situation.”

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Who it’s for

This program is ideal for people who thrive in a group atmosphere. It is also a great fit for anyone who struggles to achieve a balanced relationship with food because of bad habits, lack of education, stress, time or accountability. Women who have completed the program have called it “life changing,” and said, “it sounds too good to be true… but its the real thing!" And I could not agree more! :)

What women are saying:

“I feel SO good. Down 5 lbs and it’s just so easy.”

“Subtle, doable, empowering, healthy tweaks.”

“I feel confident, strong and happy!”

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what it includes

The price is $500 which includes:

- 3 group coaching sessions to teach you a sustainable, FUN approach to loving your body and healing your relationship with food.

- 30 minute 1-on-1 coaching session with Justine.

- Weekly guided action steps for a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

- Swag bag of goodies.

- Unlimited contact for questions, support & guidance via text or email.

what women are saying

“I feel strong, accomplished, and I’m not stressing about food anymore.”

“Life changer! You really can have your cake and eat it too!”




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