love from my clients



Nicole, Wisconsin

Working with Justine has been a legitimate life changer! My whole life I struggled with my weight and self image. Justine gave me the tools to love myself again from the inside out and worked with me to see the real me.

These past 12 weeks have been eye opening, educational, motivating and challenging and I’m so excited to see the “new” me and where I can go! I now feel equipped to battle those objections and self doubts and move towards my ultimate goals. 

Justine came into my life when I needed her most and I truly value the 12 weeks we worked together. Life changer! Thank you Justine!


veronica, alaska

I have worked with Justine for over a year now with both fitness and life coaching. Together she has helped me transform, understand, and appreciate my body more than I ever thought I could.

Initially, I just wanted to get fit and needed help, but we dug deeper and she helped me change my mindset and understanding of my body and life. I can't imagine I'd be in the place I am currently- a place of peace and accomplishment in mind and body- without Justine's coaching and support.

Although I have lost over 15" and 15 pounds on my body with her meal and exercise plans, I have gained so much more knowledge and insight into what's important- loving who you are DURING the process. 



I absolutely loved working with Justine.

She is extremely knowledgeable about health, nutrition, fitness, and life in general! She does a great job of incorporating tools that her clients can use on a day-to-day basis to assist them in reaching their goals, whatever their goals may be.

It is evident that she is well educated and experienced. On the fly, she is quick to answer questions with credible answers based off research. During our sessions, she demonstrated a professional yet relatable style. With her tools, knowledge, and consistency, I was able to reach my goals with her guidance. I would recommend her to anyone with any goals! She is fantastic!



Justine’s 21 Day Kickstart was definitely different than what I had expected, but in the best way possible.

Starting the new year with high hopes and a new “diet” is always a struggle but this was everything but that. Her daily emails, videos and tips kept me on track without having restrictions and making me feel guilty in any way.  I learned how to change my mindset and learned so much about nutrition and what my body actually needs to fuel itself. Plus, learning to really be intuitive and digging deeper on how to eat the right way.

I lost 6.5 pounds in 3 weeks and feel amazing! I cannot wait to see how far I can go with her help and guidance this year and achieve my health and fitness goals! If you are debating on whether to sign up, don’t think twice!

Kristy, Florida

I am a 30-year-old mother to the most wonderful 3-year-old boy.  My son is slightly autistic, which can be difficult at times. When I feel overwhelmed or stressed I like to work stress off by going to the gym.  Justine helped me by creating a personalized monthly workout and nutrition program for me to follow.

She is very motivating, and helps you along every step of the way. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer in helping me better myself and my life!




You often hear about personal trainers who yell and intimidate their clients, but Justine is the complete opposite.  She is compassionate, caring, insightful and extremely positive.

Justine takes a different approach.  She provides the support you need and is always willing to give advice or answer questions anytime.  Justine has not just helped me lose weight, she has made a positive impact on my life.


Before working with Justine, I felt like I had a good understanding of fitness.  Yet I still wasn't seeing results.

When I began working with Justine, I was impressed from the start.  She is very detail-oriented so that she can tailor programs around your specific needs. In addition to leaning out, my entire attitude has changed to be very positive and upbeat.  I now have amazing energy that motivates me within.

With Justine’s guidance you can transform your body and life into something you have always wanted.




Justine makes herself available always, and really worked to meet my individual needs. She offered advice, helpful tips, and encouraging words whenever I needed it.

In just 12 weeks of working with her, my body was completely transformed! I've never felt better.


I've been working with Justine for over a year now and have seen amazing results in that time!  I feel stronger and healthier. Justine is passionate about fitness and it shows through her energy and enthusiasm.  Her workouts are not only challenging and creative, but also fun to execute.

Because of our focus on proper nutrition, my energy levels throughout the day have improved immensely, eliminating the need for the occasional energy drink. Justine, thank you for improving my overall health and fitness!




Justine’s positivity, compassion and knowledge has truly changed me for the better. My training programs are personalized to my style and intense enough to push me past my rut. She has taught me how to adjust to an injury and to learn to love my body again.

I consider Justine a mentor and am so glad I have her as my coach!