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What It Is

You, my friend, are a very important person…But how often do acknowledge this fact, or celebrate yourself in general? How often do you set aside time for YOU, and YOUR wellbeing—mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually? As women, we’re always giving so much to others… and often we put ourselves on the back burners, leaving us feeling run down, burnt out, depleted and undervalued. Totally not high vibe.

When you work with me, you’ll know that I take celebrating every win, big or small, very seriously, and making time for a VIP Day is the perfect way to honor yourself and your journey. We’ll be toasting to you, wherever you are on your journey, because you are worthy of that throughout every step along the way.

While a VIP Day is effective and fabulous at any time during a program (or standing alone!) this is an awesome way to either culminate or kickstart our time together. This is also a great gift, a fabulous way to celebrate another woman in a healthy, high vibe way, or a great opportunity to move outside of your comfort zone and elevate your perspective.

WHat It Includes

Every VIP Day is completely customized for the individual, however the typical agenda includes:

  • All meals & beverages

  • Full day of coaching, hands-on learning and self-care (about 5-6 hours in duration)

  • Stress management techniques and practices including meditations, journaling, etc.

  • Workout of choice: barre, spin, circuit training or yoga

  • Swag bag of goodies to take home

  • Fully customized for client’s needs, desires & goals



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